Infisport Beta Alanina 150 Tablets

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Food supplement based on chemically pure Beta Alanine and vitamin B6.GLUTEN FREE


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When we practice high intensity exercise, our energy demand increases. In order to produce this "extra" energy, the body increases its metabolic rate, in other words, the number of biochemical reactions that take place in our cells. This has the indirect consequence of creating a higher concentration of cellular products that increase acidity, also known as metabolic acidosis.

But at the same time, to make all this additional energy, our cells also use the so-called anaerobic metabolism, which produces a huge amount of energy per unit of time, but as a consequence also produces large amounts of lactic acid, which contribute to an increase in metabolic acidosis.

To sum up, high intensity physical exercise produces a significant increase in cellular acidity. It is precisely this cellular acidity that acts as a limiting factor in the sports performance itself, since under these acidic conditions, muscle cells cannot continue producing all the energy we need.

Chemically pure INFISPORT Beta Alanine works to increase carnosine and anserine deposits in muscle tissue which neutralize the acidity, and therefore allows us to continue producing energy when we are training or competing under high intensity conditions, so our sports performance is much stronger, precisely when we need it most.
In order to maximise the performance of our product, we recommend taking 8 capsules per day, divided into four doses of 2 together with meals. That way we avoid the appearance of slight warmth or redness of the skin that occurs in some cases.

At these dosages, no side effects are known. We think that Beta Alanine is a natural amino acid that is also present in foods such as meat.

The addition of vitamin B6 to the formula helps the metabolic use of the product.
Data Sheet
Beta Alanine, gelatin (capsule) pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6 ), titanium dioxide ( E171, dye capsule) dioxide.
Take two capsules four times a day, preferably together with meals.


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