cookie Cookies Policy uses"cookies" with the only purpose of offering the best service, customized and helping the navigation being easier and adjusted to the preferencies of the users.

A"cookie" is a small text file that a web server stores on the HDD of the user. "Cookies" can't identify a person by itselfs because they don't refer to any personal data and can't be runned as code or contain virus.

Ciclos uses two types of cookies: own or tecnic , needed for a good performance of the website and the provision of services of, and from third parties like analytics, necessary for monitoring and stadistic analysis of the users that acced to, or social networks.

Own Cookies:

This cookies will help us, for example, to save user's configurationa (language and version of from which navigates) to make your future visits acced to the same version. Moreover, will help us to manage your shopping cart and keep added articles during navegating our sites.

It also alows, once you log on for the first time, don't have to introduce again your details each time you visit when participate on our social networks: blogs, forum, bulletin board... On the header of, will apear your username. This wil make browsing through our website easier. use the option "Sing Out" if you acced to our website from a public computer.

But nevertheless take into account, that as a measure to guarantee the security of your personal data, you will have to always identify for making your orders or acceding to your account, independently you identified previously.

Third Parties Cookies: uses Google cookies. Cookies are used by third parties like Google to recopile personal data (page URL you have accessed and your IP address, among others) that will be used to show personalized ads. You can get further information about how Google uses data in this link. uses external cookies from social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The social cookies are necessaries to control the interaction of the users with the widgets and the content of the different social platforms inside our website. The terms of use of these cookies and the information collected is regulated by the privacy policy of the corresponding social platform.

Revoking cookie consent

You can revoke consent given to store cookies in this website in this link.

Cookies configuration in your browser

Most of browsers acept automatically cookies but it is also possible configure them for its not acceptance or blocking. If they are disabled, the user may be able to navegate on our website, but for ordering on will be essential for the browser to accept "session cookies" , those exists only during remaining on and dissapear when close the browser.

On "Help" section of most of browsers is indicated how to modify the configuration of your browser cookies: can modify this cookies policy according to legislative requirements, statutory, or with the purpose of adapt the cookies policy to dictated institutions from "Agencia Española de Protección de Datos", for this reason visiting it periodically is recommended.


If "Aplázame" is selected as payment, user accepts that all their personal data are fully transferred to Aplazame from the moment the user has started contracting the deferred payment service offered by the latter at the time of choosing the payment method.

This acceptance extends to third parties that had to access the files for the good purpose of the contract.