Infisport Recovery Complex 4:1

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Infisport Recovery Complex 4:1



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COMPLEX 4:1® RECOVERY is the result of recent studies which demonstrates that the proportion of 4 parts of carbohydrates per 1 part of protein strengthens the ergogenic effect of both nutrients in the exercise environment.


Its formula contains a studied mix of carbohydrates of different chain lenghts and a high Glycemic Index (102), with no added sugars. These chains formed by monosaccharides, disaccharides, trisaccharides and polysaccharides from the maltodextrins - and to a lesser extent from the amylopecetin - confer a very low osmolality, thus achieving a rapid gastric emptying and consequently the immediate availability of these nutrients.


The source of protein comes from the hydrolyzation of proteins isolated from fresh whey milk obtained by a new technique of extracting CFM (cross flow microfiltration), + enzymatic hydrolysis, rich in amino acids, peptides and polypeptides, very fast and easy assimilation.


Its enrichment with royal jelly, vitamins and minerals, favor protection against oxidative cellular damage, the best physiological utlization of nutrients and compensation of possible food imbalances.


Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (free from heavy metal contamination and toxic substances contained in oily fish) provide anti-inflammatory and cardiosaludable properties.


As a result, this new formulation confers maximum effectiveness in post-exercise recovery by taking advantage of the metabolic window that occurs after the effort, both in the formation of new muscle glycogen, and in the synthesis and formation of the proteins necessary for the healing of muscle damage, thereby shortening recovery time between sessions


In long-lasting efforts exceeding 3 hours, COMPLEX 4: 1® RECOVERY is a true liquid food which is highly digestible, and through its balance between nutrients, helps maintain the intensity of exercise.


The NEW NEUTRAL flavor facilitates the possibility of mixing the product with liquid or semi-liquid to suit the user, either to enrich a particular drink, to mix a personalized flavor or to simply take it directly with water without flavor.

All this, together with its easy digestibility, makes it so COMPLEX 4:1® RECOVERY can be used by both athletes to supplement their breakfast and snack, as well as active people, convalescents or elderly individuals to enrich or balance their diet.


COMPLEX 4:1® RECOVERY comes in recyclable carton packs containing a 1 kg bag hermetically sealed to preserve its properties.


Flavors: cocoa, strawberry and neutral taste, free of dyes and chemical preservatives.

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