Fundax XC Anti-Flats Band

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Anti-puncture band of natural leather, suitable for mountain bikes, with 29 "wheel. Valid for 26 and 27.5"

Made with premium cow split leather, in blue, our corporate color. With an approximate weight of 150 grams, since it is animal skin and can vary in its structure, with a width of 70 mm. and a skin thickness of 1.2 mm. 


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It has to be placed between the cover and the camera, ideally with the logo side towards the inside of the cover, since the fiber has some more resistance on that face. When tanned with TITANIUM, it can be wetted and reused in several roof changes, not having expiration. We advise to use in deck widths of 1.9 "up to 2.2".

Inflate to the correct pressure to the weight of the cyclist. We supply without joining both ends for an easy placement, superimposing both ends to be placed inside the cover. Do not unite the ends of the band with tails.

The manufacturing process of this skin is specific to achieve the best values ​​of resistance to perforation and the smallest weight.

They are sold in a blister that contains a unit.

See our installation tutorial below:

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