X-Sauce Ecolube 30ml Wax Lube

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Wax and water emulsion specifically formulated for bicycle chain lubrication in all weather conditions.

Provide cleaner drivetrains, quiet operation and good longevity. Optimum viscosity and low odor. A well-oiled chain with Ecolube will repel dirt, mud and water.

Contains PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) an additive that helps to reduce friction and minimize chain wear.


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Instructions: Degrease and clean the chain before applying ECO LUBE for the first time. Shake before useand apply the lubricant over the dry chain while spinning the crank. Do not remove the surplus. Let dry completely before using the bike. Do not mix with oils.

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Instrucciones: Desengrasar y limpiar bien la cadena antes de

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