Galfer FD513 Standard G1053 (SRAM LEVEL T, TL) Brake Pads


Suitable for all types of conditions. With this compound has reached the perfect balance between power, noise and durability, allowing a gradual but consistent braking.

Polyvalent compound with the right compromise between efficiency and durability. Ideal for all types of situations and for amateur users.


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Advantages of the new GALFER BIKE compounds:

  • Absence of noise.
  • Improved feel, progressivity and stopping power.
  • Minimization of vibrations in the cycle part.
  • Less wear on the brake discs.
  • Resistance to high temperatures.
  • Increased durability.
  • With these improvements, the user obtains a permanent constancy in the braking response, the pads behaving in the same way throughout their useful life, being able to control the bicycle during braking and becoming an increase in the confidence and safety of the cyclist.

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