Shimano Dura Ace R9100 Pedals

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Shimano Pedals, Dura Ace Model R9100 CARBONO SPD-SL


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* Series: PD-R9100


• Optimum balance between weight and rigidity

• Carbon body injection molded

• Extra wide platform for greater stability and power transfer

• Wide spacing between bearings for even weight distribution

• Anchoring tension and customizable release

• Limited 3-year Shimano warranty

• Available 4 mm shaft longer

Pro is for you

Born from the demands of the Pro-Tour in terms of optimum power and endurance, low profile pedal technology has been extended to a wide variety of cyclists, including competitors of all levels, cyclists and cycling enthusiasts. leisure. SPD-SL is a road pedal platform specifically designed to be combined with SHIMANO footwear in order to transfer more power from the body to the

bicycle. For professionals, the low-profile extra-wide cage distributes energy more evenly over a wider surface and transfers it more efficiently to the bicycle, under the most extreme pedaling loads. No movement is lost.

There is no loss due to flexibility, gaps or sneaker / pedal designs that do not fit perfectly. It is a key advantage that helps to win races. The same energy efficiency that leads professionals to the podium improves the experience of cyclists in other categories. More resistance for longer trips. More comfort and fun! Designed as a system. To the measure of the cyclist. You choose.

Power transfer efficiency

SPD-SL is the refinement of the specific road system.

This pedal platform has been specifically designed for the world's best road cyclists. The perfect connection between the pedal and the cleat for a more efficient power transfer during the extreme pedaling of a competition.



The rigidity is designed for a perfect fit with the SHIMANO SPD-SL pedals. This cove has the appropriate shape for the SPD-SL pedals.

The walking design has blue / yellow / red ground contact points to prevent wear on the part of the cleat that engages with the pedal.

Blue 2º / Yellow 6º / Red Fixed

Union between the shoe and the pedal

The cleats are the union between the shoe and the pedal. The SHIMANO pedals and cleats have been developed to work as a system and fit perfectly to guarantee

an optimal power transfer and safety. The cleats can wear out with intensive use and especially when walking.

Therefore, they must be replaced to maintain comfort and reliability levels.

Calas Service Tips SPD-SL

The interval of substitution depends on the conditions of use of the bicycle, the type of terrain and the driving style. The parts must be replaced before they wear out completely.


The shims wear out over time and must be replaced periodically. The cleats must be replaced when they begin to be difficult to disengage, or if they begin to disengage with much less effort than was necessary when they were new.

If the yellow (SM-SH11), red (SM-SH10) or blue (SM-SH12) parts of the cleats wear out, replace the cleats with new ones.

Front: Replace the cleats when the black layer is visible under them.

Rear: Replace them when the section is worn.

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