Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Air Shoes

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Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Air Shoes

Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Air sneakers with Techpro polyurethane microfiber upper, Vent Carbon Sole, Soft Instep 4 Closure System and Tecno 3 System closure, and heel retention device.


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- Techpro microfiber upper

Techpro microfiber upper made of Polyurethane Made in Italy, a highly technological and innovative microfiber, respectful with the environment, suitable for technical and sports products that require high levels of performance. It incorporates characteristics of resistance, stability, lightness, water repellency and respect for the environment. It is Oeko-Tex certified and contains no harmful substances.

- Soft Instep 4 Closure System Closing System

The wide, anatomical and padded closure strip is made of a soft thermoformed material for comfort and performance. Distributes pressure evenly over the arch area of ​​the foot, adjusting on both sides for perfect centering. The Soft Instep 4 Closure System is durable and replaceable.

- Tecno 3 Push System System

New dial Sidi Tecno 3 Push System for an optimal fit along the entire length of the shoe and with an upper part that adapts to the shape of the foot for a customized fit. The Sidi Tecno 3 Push System dial allows adjustment during pedaling thanks to an innovative button that can be pressed to release the closing strip for easy adjustment.

- Adjustable Heel Retention Device Retention System

New technology for the heel cup. The adjustable heel retention device reinforces the upper part of the heel cup and improves fit by closing the back of the shoe around the cyclist's ankle. The heel retainer squeezes the top of the heel cup so it does not slip on steep climbs or sprints. It can be adjusted with two small screws that work independently. For a custom adjustment, screw to the + sign to close the bead retention device while it must be screwed to the - sign to open it.

- Heel Sidi Heel Cup

The reinforced heel keeps the foot in position and prevents the shoe from deforming due to extreme use or prolonged pressure.

- Sole Vent Carbon Sole

The new sole Vent Carbon Sole is lighter than its predecessors. The openings inserted in the front, when they are open, offer an optimal and comfortable ventilation. The air flow circulates through the enabled channels until it exits through the leaks located in the central part of the shoe. In addition, the openings can be opened or closed as needed. The openings have been conceived to offer a great performance to cyclists who need a rigid sole without compromising the circulation of blood to the foot. And also, to ensure maximum comfort and optimal power transfer. The Vent Carbon Sole sole is constructed to offer a slight flexibility at the tip of the shoe while maintaining rigidity throughout the body of the shoe. The sole Vent Carbon Sole of Sidi is compatible with the best pedals on the market. To facilitate the replacement of the cleats, the sole Vent Carbon Sole incorporates a molded alignment scale on the sole as well as the Look Memory Eyelet.

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