Giordana AV 100 Jacket

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The AV Extreme is an extremely lightweight jacket that provides maximum comfort and protection against the elements.


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Polartec Alpha Insulation

Alpha 60™ Polartec fabric, which has military roots, is unique in that it offers breathability as well as warmth, like those "puffy" style jackets. The synthetic material offers lightweight insulation thanks to a fiber loft core construction that creates air pockets to trap heat like goose down. Natural down can be bulky and is susceptible to moisture, causing it to clump and lose its heat retention qualities, which Alpha 60 prevents.

The ventilated insulation also keeps body heat in check while allowing moisture to escape when sweating. The stable core of loft fibers prevents fiber migration to maintain consistent even after heavy wear and repeated washing.

eVent® breathable outer membrane

The outer layer of AV ends uses eVent® DV Alpine™ fabric, which is 100% breathable, waterproof, and windproof due to the internal membrane that creates a waterproof barrier against the elements. Direct™ event ventilation technology allows vapor to escape to facilitate internal temperature management by preventing overheating.

DWR treatment

The entire outer surface of the shirt receives a DWR treatment that adds an additional layer of water resistance to the garment. The treatment creates additional surface tension, suspending water beads on the outer fringe of the garment where they roll off before having a chance to penetrate the fabric.

Winter Mesh

The jacket's innermost layer is a mesh that works to support the outer layers. It moves moisture away from the body where it can escape through the breathable outer layers.


With reflective effects created through a revolutionary new refractive fabric, Pixel®, it provides reflectivity without sacrificing the breathable qualities of the fabric.

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