Catlike Olula Helmet

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Olula is the new Catlike road helmet, a model that follows the brand's unique design line. It is designed for amateur cyclists who are looking for a high quality product made in Spain that meets all their needs when pedaling on the road.


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* 4 regulations in 1 retention system only.

MPS eVo (Multi Position System Evolution)

The innovative Multi-Position-System (MPS) retention system allows you to optimize the comfort of the helmet thanks to its 4 adjustment systems designed to adapt to any type of head.

Wheel adjustment

The ultra-light wheel of the MPS-eVo makes it possible to enlarge or reduce the diameter of the retention in a millimeter way with each click. achieving unsurpassed stability, maintaining maximum comfort.

Ergonomic fit

The ergonomic fit of this system offers unbeatable stability through the lateral wings, which adjust to the temporal area of ​​the skull. In addition, these wings can be adapted to all types of head (oval, elliptical, elongated), exchanging the different pads of different thicknesses that are included with the helmet. In rounded heads it is advisable to remove said wings.

Height adjustment

And even more, this inimitable retention system also allows to regulate the vertical position of the retention, avoiding any discomfort in the occipital area of ​​the skull.

Rear adjustment

The rear adjustment allows the movements of the two supports allowing to achieve an ideal position, without causing any pressure on the central part of the cervical vertebrae

Dual Flow

Thermal regulation

The head is the main temperature sensor in our body. A matter not at all superficial since excessive heat can cause us symptoms of fatigue, dizziness and even dehydration, For all this, and taking into account the needs of the athlete, the design of the Dual Flow system has been developed (photo) that it offers extreme ventilation and improved aerodynamics.

In addition to the arrangement of the holes being determined by scientific studies, the number is more than significant. Nothing more and nothing less than 39 holes that together with the internal channels favor the entry of a constant flow of air inside the helmet, avoiding overheating of the head.


CES (Crash Energy Splitter) Security

The unique design of Catlike helmets is not solely motivated by aesthetics. The location of the air intakes has been privileged in such a way that any impact affects more than one nerve (CES). In the event of a crash, the energy generated is dispersed throughout the structure, exponentially increasing the safety of the head.


Shock Absorption System

The Mixino is designed so that the head suffers as little damage as possible in the event of an impact. To do this, expanded polystyrene has been inserted into the front interior part of the helmet, a material that, due to its composition, is prepared to better absorb impacts.

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