Shimano Deore XT XC M8000 SPD Pedals


Shimano XT pedals, model M8000 XC


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* Large pedal platform

* Mud-repellent design adjustment anchor

* Low platform height for pedaling stability

* Heavy-duty retaining clips provide a smooth hook / release

* Anchorage tension and adjustable release

* Durable and rugged cromoly shaft, with 8mm hexagonal wrench assembly

* Weight: 343 g

Shimano Deore XT XC M8000 SPD pedals that offer maximum efficiency for XC competition and have a nice design with a narrower shaft, which uses an 8 mm Allen key. They have a forged aluminum body, a chrome-molybdenum shaft and a revised cove surface to increase stability. The oval-shaped shaft efficiently dislodges mud and reduces friction.


On the bicycle and outside of it SPD is a system that can be used on the bicycle and outside of it. It makes pedaling more effective with a wide variety of styles of shoes and pedals and the hidden cove allows you to walk more comfortably. The SPD system allows pedaling with greater efficiency, stability and comfort. Comfort for walking SHIMANO invented the SPD system to meet the needs of a booming lifestyle called MTB. With the elimination of the rastrales and the integration of the pedal and the sole in a single unified system of power transfer, SHIMANO changed the sector, achieving an increase not only in power to the pedal, but also in the control of the rider for the styles of cycling more and more audacious. Today, there is no longer a single MTB style, nor is a single SPD pedal suitable for all styles. Cycling is practiced by all kinds of terrains, both in dizzying competitions of XC, and on steep rock tracks, with humidity, roots and mud. The SHIMANO SPD pedals follow the pace set for them. The legacy of reliability "in the mud" and extreme resistance is strengthened as the shoe and pedal designs evolve to meet the demands of each user's personal style. Designed as a system. To the measure of the cyclist. You choose.


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