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Spiuk Profit Pro Helmet


PROFIT Pro Helmet


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Its finishes and accessories ensure the PROFIT helmet is capable of satisfying the most stringent professional demands. The AIP system, which consists of inserts with small cylindrical elastic gaps at various points on the helmet and under the cushioning, enables the helmet to rotate slightly on the head and thereby dissipate the effects of impacts on the brain in the event of lateral or oblique knocks. The BOA© rear fastener ensures a perfect fit and the removable Aerodynamic Close Shell provides extra aerodynamic performance when required.

All of the technologies and technical details included in the PROFIT helmet produce something that is suitable for road and X-country competition, with its very compact and aggressive shape, sharp profile, and excellent comfort and safety, making it an essential companion for competitive use.


- 4 shell In-Mold helmet. Internal structure with injected reinforcements. Internal nanotechnology inserts to improve impact absorption.
- Armourgel® Impact Protection (AIP) technology, which improves helmet response to linear forces by X% and rotational forces by Y%.
- Excellent ventilation. 21 large openings connected by channels to favour internal air currents.
- Fast and precise adjustment system: rear BOA® closure adjustable to 3 heights and adjustable ARROWHEAD lateral sliders.
- The kit includes a removable Spiuk Aerodynamic Close Shell, a removable visor, and two sets of X-Tatic® pads with antibacterial properties (one with anti-insect netting).

SIZES: S-M (51-56) / M-L (53-61)


Stiff, removable closed shell for enhanced aerodynamics. It provides effective protection on cold, rainy days

With over 25 million Boa-powered products worldwide, the award-winning, patented Boa Closure System is reinventing how shoes performs. Enjoy a significantly improved level of comfort along with durability, light weight, fast and convenient operation, and on-the-fly adjustment.

Impact protection system with Armourgel® technology. Armourgel® is a viscoelastic material which increases its impact absorption rate as the impact force increases. AIP employs an ultralight intermediate cushioning system, which is strategically distributed inside the helmet. Thus, it is capable of reducing rotary impact forces by 25 %, and linear g-forces by up to 30%.

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