Rotor PF4624 BB Bottom Braket

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When you chose your bike, you did it thinking about the different options you would have in the future to improve it. The Press Fit 4624 BBrisght will perfectly fit your 46mm diameter Press Fit compatible frame and 24mm axle bottom bracket. ROTOR created the UBB (Universal Bottom Bracket) system to try to overcome the challenge of compatibility between the cranks and the different bottom bracket standards that have recently emerged and that have become frustrating for many riders and mechanics. The ROTOR Press Fit 4630 is the component with which you will always get a “Yes” when you ask, is it compatible with my Cervelo or my OPEN frame?


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  • PF4624 BBright Carretera acero Negro - 131g
  • Diseñados para funcionar con BBright
  • 100% Mecanizado-CNC, aluminio 7075
  • Juntas de silicona y eje central
  • Diseñados para funcionar con ROTOR y juegos de bielas Shimano 24mm

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